Auckley Friery review: We tried the Doncaster chippy that’s one of the best in the UK

The award-winning fish and chip shop in Auckley, Doncaster, has rave reviews

There’s no doubt that one of the UK’s favourite ever takeaways is fish and chips. There are thousands up and down the country all promising to be the best there is to offer.

So when I saw that there was a local chippy near me that actually had featured in the top 50 across the UK numerous times as well as glowing reviews from customers I knew that I had to give it a try. Auckley Friery is also one of 40 shops shortlisted for the National Fish and Chip Awards 2023.

It was also named among the top 50 fish and chip shops in the entire UK in the 2022 Fry Awards. So with all that in mind I was very eager to give it a try to see if it could become my new favourite.

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I took the 10 minute drive on an early Tuesday evening to go and try out the famed chippy. Pulling up there were spaces to park outside and the heady scent of chips frying filled the air as I stepped out of my car.

The fish and chip shop is in Main Street in Auckley close to residential houses and is very modern, with a smart, clean inside and bright and inviting environment.

We walked in and were greeted by friendly staff who took our order straight away and advised us that it wouldn’t be long. We were given a receipt with an order number and headed outside to wait for our food.

We didn’t wait long at all before we were picking up our piping hot food and rushing back to the car so that we could get stuck in as soon as possible.

Myself and my dining partner decided to go for a medium cod and chips each and a large pot of mushy peas to share along with two cans of pop. Driving home in the car the food smelt divine and we had big expectations for the food.

A nice touch was the food came in cardboard boxes so that you didn’t even have to unwrap it or put it onto a plate to get stuck into it. So as soon as we got in we popped a little more salt and vinegar on and got digging into the food.

I think the overwhelming feeling we had once we had started eating the food was that it was just ‘nice’. The fish was perfectly cooked and succulent but the batter had gone a little soggy.

And the chips were also nice – soft on the inside and they had just about kept their crisp outside. But again, they were just nice and didn’t blow us away. We felt the large mushy peas were a little stingy as you didn’t get a huge deal in the portion.

The one major positive for both of us was that nothing was greasy at all, which was really good. But that said, the whole meal just didn’t blow us away. We just felt it was like an average chippy.

Maybe we just went in with seriously high expectations because of the accolades but that may just be us. We definitely haven’t been put off going again but then again we won’t be rushing back.

The Bill

Two medium cod – £15.20 (£7.60 each)

Two medium chips – £5.90 (£2.l95 each)

Large mushy peas – £1.65

Two cans of pop – £2.30 (£1.15 each)

Total – £25.05

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  • 16:00, 24 SEP 2022

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